A Veterinarian Themed Birthday for our Ten Year Old

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Eva's chosen career path of the moment is to be a veterinarian and we're going into year two of this particular obsession. She requested a vet-themed birthday but all I could think of was sick animals (ew), medical tools (ew), and reality TV shows featuring operations and abscesses (ew ew ew). 

The good news is that we were able to pull off a fun animal-themed after school surprise and have some snacks and presents without any gross medical paraphernalia. 

If you've been following our family for a while, you'll know that we do an after-school tea time so I got some dog-themed mugs from Chewy.com to make our tea on pointe. I also ordered a silicon dog treat mold set and used the molds to make fudge and rice crispy "dog treats" that we served in (brand new!) dog dishes.

Eva's not a huge cake fan but I knew her brothers would be disappointed with a birthday surprise party that didn't include cake so I used silicon molds to make a giant fudge "1" and a cake "0" to make everyone happy. The girl loves her chocolate fudge!

As for the decor, I built a birthday balloon garland using Eva's favorite colors and some paw print balloons. I also added a fringe backdrop, a happy banner, and balloons on the floor around the table area. The rest of the decorations came in the form of some life-size "patients" for Eva's vet practice and gift bags in her colors. 

All in all, our little after school birthday surprise was a hit and it was a lot of fun to figure out how to make this theme work in a way that wasn't too childish and yet wasn't too grown up. It's so strange to think I have a tween on my hands! Our birthday parties are probably going to look a bit different over the next few years...

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