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Oh, hello again. Another day, another blog. 

You know what's a little disorienting about becoming a mother? Everything. By mid-pregnancy, your life really stops being your life and you turn into this other person. This mom person. It's a bit of a shock. 

When the new year rolled around and everyone was doing the ten year challenge, I took stock of all of the changes that happened over the last decade. In 2010, I was newly married but I wasn't a mom yet and my married life looked a whole lot like my non-married life had looked only with new dishes and some fancy appliances. We went to movies all the time, ate out at least a few times a week, and I spent hours and hours on my own projects. I journaled extensively, carried a camera everywhere, and planned trips the absolute second we had extra money in the bank. 

Mom life is not a step down, but it's totally different. My days don't seem to have as much time in them and I have gone full weeks without leaving my house. Sometimes I carry a camera, but mostly I use my iPhone because I'm also carrying epi-pens and diapers and hand sanitizer and Goldfish crackers and all of the other things you need when you're in charge of the tiny humans. Projects? Sometimes. Mostly for the kids. Journaling? Maybe for ten or so minutes a day. If I'm not too tired. 

So there's that. 

Also, blogging. I started blogging before people were really using that word. I had a web diary in 2000 and my Blogspot blog was updated almost daily by 2005. Fast forward five more years and suddenly I'm trying to make money by blogging which means I'm trying to make my life more marketable and appealing to brands. So that was weird and it got old fast. I don't like selling chicken nuggets. I don't really want to write about chicken nuggets. I have no passion when it comes to nuggets. I'm not anti-nuggets by any means but really...I don't want to sell you nuggets. I feel like you'll find your way to chicken nuggets without my help. 

So the personal blogging dried up and the niche blogging became the thing and there stopped being the same kind of creative space for me on the Internet. That's what I realized I really missed when I thought about 2010. I didn't make as much money but I had a lot more freedom to just talk online. And I took more photos. And I sketched a lot more often. 

So here I am in my brand new space, giving myself permission to talk and create and sell stuff I make just because I want to. This is a nugget-free zone. I'm glad you're here. 

{photos by Justin Hackworth Photography}

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  • Thank you guys so much for your comments! I feel like people never comment on blogs anymore and both of yours were so kind and well thought out.

    Carly on
  • I’m so very happy that you’re doing a personal blog again. Your blog posts are always so insightful, funny, deep, silly, and heartwarming all at the same time. I’ve been reading your different blogs for over a decade now. I wish you would do a YouTube channel and do Question and Answer sessions. I would love to watch videos of yours on all topics related to relationships and marriage, home organization, creative projects, family life, parenting, friendships, women’s issues, overcoming obstacles, and your advice to younger women on how to create the beautiful, creative, Disney-filled family life that you have. I have learned so much from reading your blogs over the years, and I’m so thankful that you are coming back to blogging about your life and to sharing your wisdom with others. I had a dysfunctional broken family growing up, so I didn’t really have any role models to look up to in my own family. You have been my greatest role model of marriage, family, and adult womanhood ever since I discovered your blogs when I was a teenager. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness, intelligence, and raw genuine honesty of your posts.

    CarlyFan49 on
  • Ugh! Same! I started online-diary-ing about the same time you did, and have followed nearly the same trajectory you did (minus the nuggets, but I know those feels). Can I just say that there is a growing underground movement of people like us who want to reclaim blogging for what it was: an authentic connection to other people. Like letter writing en masse. We’re just difficult to find amid all the people trying to sell us nuggets. You are definitely not alone, though.

    Nicole Thomas on

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