The Balanced Work Life Ultimate Entrepreneur Bundle - Honeycomb

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There has never been a better time to be your own boss or run a side hustle to pad your income. I’ve been working for myself for more than a decade and I learned the hard way that not keeping my business organized leads to expensive mistakes and lost time. This bundle is designed to help you manage your life AND your business so none of the details get lost.

You can print all of these pages out and use them to build organization binders or stick them on the fridge to keep your life under control. I also import them into my iPad using an app called Goodnotes which means I always have all of my lists and schedules and numbers with me so if you can handle digital paper, I’d highly recommend trying that out!


/// This digital download set includes 15 entrepreneur pages PLUS a basic set of 100 organizer pages PLUS 12 calendar pages AND 24 divider pages. All of the pages included in this set are listed below.

/// Pages have a margin on the left side so you can print them out and add them to a binder or have them spiral bound.

*IMPORTANT* - This is a digital item. You can download immediately and print at home but you will not be receiving a physical paper product from me. Remember this item is for personal use only. You are not allowed to redistribute or use for commercial use. Please let me know if you have any questions!


/// You CANNOT simply click on these pages and fill them in. This is a set of normal PDF files. You must use an app or program that allows you to add text and images to PDF files. You can also print the pages out and fill them out by hand. They are standard letter-size pages.

/// I use an iPad to add images and text to my pages and create digital notebooks. Once the pages are created, I print them and add them to my “real” notebooks. Here is a post (with videos!!) that explains exactly how I do that:

/// You can also use a computer program called Adobe Acrobat to add images and text. Here is a step-by-step post showing you how to do that:



/// Blog Post Calendar

/// Blog Post Planner

/// Blog Stylesheet

/// Bubble Habit Tracker 2020

/// Business Outline

/// Hashtags

/// Instagram Study Sheet

/// Money In Money Out

/// Mood Tracker 2020

/// Posts to Do

/// Side Hustle Ideas

/// Social Media Accounts

/// Social Media Calendar

/// Social Media Followers

/// Videos to Do



/// 1st of Month Financial

/// Address Book

/// Annual Cleaning Grid

/// Annual Habit Tracker

/// Annual Utility Bills

/// Appliances

/// Backups

/// Bank Accounts

/// Big Purchases

/// Bill Pay Checklist

/// Birthdays and Anniversaries

/// Books to Read

/// Bucket List

/// Car Maintenance

/// Car Records

/// Certifications

/// Charity Donations

/// Checklist 1-25

/// Checklist 26-50

/// Cleaning Checklist

/// Contact List

/// Credit Cards

/// Daily Planner

/// Debt Plan

/// Debt

/// Declutter Grid

/// Driver License

/// Education Records

/// Emergency Contacts

/// Employment Records

/// Financial Document

/// Fitness Tracker 2020

/// Flight Packing List

/// Furniture Purchases

/// Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

/// Gift Thank You List

/// Gift Tracker

/// Goal Planner

/// Grocery List by Store

/// Health Care Papers

/// Home Insurance

/// Household Papers

/// Housesitter

/// Illness Tracker 2020

/// Insurance

/// Job Application Log

/// Library Books

/// Library

/// Marriage

/// Meal Ideas

/// Meal Planner

/// Medical History

/// Medical Insurance

/// Medical Providers

/// Medical Visits

/// Memberships

/// Monthly Budget

/// Monthly Meal Plan Calendar

/// Movies to See

/// Moving

/// Neighbors

/// No Spend Tracker 2020

/// Ordering Take Out

/// Packing List

/// Party Planning

/// Personal Papers

/// Pet Records

/// Pet Sitter

/// Places to Eat

/// Prescriptions

/// Project to Do

/// Proof of Ownership

/// Recipe Index

/// References

/// Residential History

/// Resumes

/// Retirement

/// Security Questions

/// Service Providers Misc

/// Service Providers

/// Social Security Cards

/// Spend Save Share

/// Student Loan Plan

/// Student Loans

/// Subscriptions

/// Tax Filing

/// To Do List

/// Usernames and Passwords

/// Utilities Electricity

/// Utilities Gas

/// Utilities Water

/// Utilities

/// Vital Records

/// Warranties

/// Weekly Meal Planner Repeating

/// Weekly Meal Planner

/// Weekly Planner

/// Weight Loss Tracker

/// Wish List

/// Wish Lists


/// Calendar page - January 2020

/// Calendar page - February 2020

/// Calendar page - March 2020

/// Calendar page - April 2020

/// Calendar page - May 2020

/// Calendar page - June 2020

/// Calendar page - July 2020

/// Calendar page - August 2020

/// Calendar page - September 2020

/// Calendar page - October 2020

/// Calendar page - November 2020

/// Calendar page - December 2020



/// 24 Divider pages in 12 different patterns so you can organize your notebooks/planners.