About Carly


Hello! I'm Carly Morgan. 


I'm a mom of three who lives in Salt Lake City. Over the years I've had quite a few blogs, including a blog about Disney weddings, a blog about raising kids, and a blog about genealogy. I've been missing a space where I could just write about my life (2005 throwback!) so I created this site. 


My goal is to write and share and give myself some creative freedom. In that spirit, I'm going to be sharing some of the things I make in my new shop, including digital organizer pages, t-shirts I'm mostly selling so I can buy them myself, and perhaps a few sketches.


A little backstory on me: when I graduated from high school, I was sure that I had a career in live theater costume design ahead of me. Since then I've been a bookseller, a Disney World cast member, a wedding photographer, and I even got a law degree. What I really love is writing and I've been doing blogging and freelance writing work for the last decade. 


Find me: carly@familytreenotebooks.com